Dead by Daylight’s Ghost Face Sale Celebrates Stylish Stealth

It’s the perfect time to celebrate one of Dead by Daylight’s stealthiest Killers, who has been delivering quality jump-scares since his arrival to The Fog: The Ghost Face.  

If you play him, you know the feeling well. The sight of an unsuspecting Survivor casually repairing a generator. Before long, another joins – this one seems unnerved by the quiet. You bide your time, waiting for the opportune time to strike. By the time they realize they’re being watched, it’s too late.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of playing The Ghost Face. Carefully juggling exposed Survivors for clutch one-hit downs. Causing incredible jump-scares that emphasize Dead by Daylight’s horror roots. He can even playfully return the favour to crouch-happy Survivors.


In celebration of The Ghost Face, we’re offering a sale on some of his signature outfits, available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.

For more details, check out the full list of discounts right here:

  • Icebound Phantom – VERY RARE – 20% off
  • Scorched Ghost Face – VERY RARE – 30% off
  • Viper Ghost – VERY RARE – 50% off
  • Classic Ghost Face – VERY RARE – 50% off
  • Slash Enthusiast – VERY RARE – 50% off
  • Raining Blood – VERY RARE – 50% off
  • Frozen Ghost Face – UNCOMMON – 50% off
  • Red Hot Ghost Face – UNCOMMON – 50% off

While each visual aesthetic is different, they share one common bond: they all look great on camera, so burn those Mori offerings and strike a pose.

Our Ghost Face sale begins January 12th and ends January 24th. All in-game discounts are on Auric Cell prices only.

If you don’t have The Ghost Face yet, worry not – for the duration of the sale, he’ll be available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store at a slashed rate of 50% off (250 Auric Cells).

 For Steam Players, The Ghost Face Chapter will be 50% off from Jan 11th 1:00 PM EST to Jan 24th1:00 AM EST.

See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team. 

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