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Dead by Daylight’s Tome 11: DEVOTION -- featuring new outfits and memories for David King, The Twins, and more -- is releasing on April 28th. With it comes a Store Collection release that encompasses two Collections – the returning Spring Ensembles Collection and the brand-new Urban Art Collection. 

This latest batch of Spring Ensembles outfits includes new looks for Zarina Kassir, Mikaela Reid, Jonah Vasquez, The Blight, and The Artist. The Urban Art Collection captures a snapshot of Nea Karlsson’s pre-Fog life, when she visited Stockholm to participate in a popular street art festival.  

Dead By Daylight’s Spring Ensembles Collection is now available in the in-game store, with the Urban Art Collection set to follow on May 4th.   


With spring comes replenishment and rejuvenation – yet darkness spills from nature’s deepest recesses. As a new season brings brisk breezes, April showers, and the earthy stench of mud, Dead by Daylight springs from the fresh green ground with a bounty of new outfits. 

Zarina Kassir – Spring Film Fest – VERY RARE

Having wrapped production on her new documentary, it was time for Zarina to hit the festival circuit. First up was the Spring Film Festival, where her latest would stage its world premiere to an eager audience.


Mikaela Reid – Rejuvenation Spell – VERY RARE

After a particularly long and cold winter, Mikaela found herself in dire need of replenishment. Luckily, her hand-crafted skirt includes extra room for stashing precious herbs and stones for enchantment.

Jonah Vasquez – Baseball Series – VERY RARE

It had been years since his father brought him to a baseball game, but Jonah’s passion for the sport never faded. With the Fresno Foxes in the series once again, it felt appropriate to fly to California and catch a home game.


The Blight – Organic Monstrosity – VERY RARE

Where once stood a brilliant thinker now stands a putrid monstrosity, his body overtaken by parasitic, festering spores. On the bright side, the organisms growing inside his rotten mouth are ripe for scientific study.

The Artist – Blooming Delusion – VERY RARE

Drawing inspiration from the dark side of nature, Carmina Mora symbolized her artistic rebirth with an intricate, hand-crafted dress. A fitting design, given how many she would send to the dirt...


Product Store Manager Rose Li spoke about revisiting the Spring Ensembles Collection, which introduced a few fan favorites. “This is a hard Collection to uphold, as Bunny Feng set a high bar," she says. “We are trying to create fingerprints that make each Collection instantly distinguishable, like the Hallowed Blight Collection. For the return of Spring Ensembles, we are focusing on melting icicles, mushrooms and green elements. We haven’t quite solidified that fingerprint, but we are getting there!”

For more from the Spring Ensembles Collection, including previous outfits for The Hillbilly, The Clown, Ace Visconti, and of course, the aforementioned Bunny Feng, be sure to check out Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.


Before her time in The Fog, Nea Karlsson made her presence felt throughout her hometown. Not only did her signature tag Mashtyx quickly gain notoriety, but her innovative eye for design and colour turned many curious heads. Glimpses into Nea’s talents are always welcome, and this new Collection highlights one of her most notable artistic achievements. 

Nea Karlsson – Stockholm Art Fest – VERY RARE

When the Urban Art Festival came to Stockholm, Nea decided to attend and showcase her artistic vision. Donning an outfit designed by one of her biggest influences, she made sure to keep it practical – after all, those walls weren’t going to scale themselves.


We spoke with Product Store Manager Rose Li about the decision to build a Collection around Nea Karlsson’s pre-Fog passion. As it turns out, the Urban Art Collection drew inspiration from one of her most iconic outfits. “Nea's Graff-Crafter outfit was the inspiration for this new collection,” reveals Li. “We discovered that players really loved looks inspired by Nea’s street artistry. She also fits well with hoodie-style designs, so we combined those factors to create Nea's new Stockholm Art Fest outfit.”

Look for Nea’s Stockholm Art Fest outfit, as well as its inspiration -- the Graff-Crafter outfit – when the Urban Art Collection heads to Dead by Daylight’s in-game store on May 4th.

The Dead by Daylight Team

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