Dead by Daylight’s Cats & Dogs Collection Continues


And you thought the Killer and Survivor debates were fierce.

With so many believing cats and dogs to be mutually exclusive, it feels appropriate to add a few more voices to the discussion.

Where do your loyalties lie? Don’t be afraid to pick a side. You know you want to. 

  •   DWIGHT FAIRFILED  - Dog Walker  – VERY RARE 

Dwight might not be the most organized dog-walker in town, but his loyal clientele can attest that there’s no one friendlier – or more affordable.  

  • THE LEGION (SUSIE)  - Lethal Kitten - VERY RARE 

There was something about kittens that always spoke to Susie. Maybe it was the boundless energy. More likely, it was the claws.    

  • NEA KARLSSON - Cat's Claw Shirt – RARE

Cautious making friends, loyal to those who win her trust, and adept at a balanced landing. It’s no surprise that Nea Karlsson developed such a fondness for cats. 


“We went for individual shirts this year, with special emphasis on the prints,” reflects Product Store Manager Rose Li. “We spent extra effort on Susie's look to create a fabric pattern that matched her personality and fit the theme, which is hard to do for a Killer.” 

For more from the Cats & Dogs Collection, revisit previous outfits for Meg Thomas and Claudette Morel in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store. 


If you like what you see in the Cats & Dogs Collection, head over to Dead by Daylight official merch store to purchase Dwight’s Dog Walker shirt and Nea’s Cat’s Claw shirt. For each shirt sold, $1CAD will be donated to the Montreal SPCA, so get yours today! 

Look for the Cats & Dogs Collection, available now in the Dead by Daylight In-Game store.  

The Dead by Daylight Team

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