Dead by Daylight Celebrates Lunar New Year With Lurking Stripes Collection


The Year of the Ox has come to an end, and the Year of the Tiger has begun. In true Dead by Daylight fashion, we’re looking to celebrate in style with a new outfit that encapsulates the tiger’s deadly elegance.  

It’s only fitting that one of our most resolute Survivors – Yui Kimura – is the star of the Lurking Stripes Collection. A fierce competitor on the racetrack, Yui’s reputation precedes her. Upon finding herself in Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year Championships, she opted to make a statement with a striking ensemble, that would inspire her fans and intimidate her rivals. Yui Kimura

  •  Lunar Race Championship Outfit – VERY RARE 

Though the winding course was unfamiliar, Yui analysed the track with calculated composure. Wind lashed against her jacket, making the cherry blossoms ripple. Like a tiger stalking its prey, she gained ground on the bike ahead. First place was in her grasp, and she was set to earn her stripes. 


We spoke with Product Store Manager Rose Li about creating Yui Kimura’s stylish – and appropriately badass – lunar racing Attire. “We are constantly looking to include more characters of different backgrounds to celebrate all festivities,” she explains. “In this case, Yui is racing in a country that celebrates the Lunar New Year, and she is wearing a uniform that reflects the year of the Tiger.” 

“We met some difficulties in trying to design the tiger since it was hard to depict the entire animal while keeping the outfit mix and matchable,” she continues. “We experimented with various combinations and the current design is the one that worked best! Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!” 

Be sure to look for Yui Kimura's Lunar Race Championship outfit in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.

Have a happy new year, and see you in The Fog. 

The Dead by Daylight Team

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