Dead by Daylight & Prime Gaming Team Up

Fan of Dead by Daylight? Amazon Prime member? You’ve got some exciting content coming your way. 

Prime Gaming and Dead by Daylight are joining up for a series of monthly content drops aimed at giving players a special run of cosmetics to help grow their collections. 

In a nutshell, Amazon now also delivers to The Entity’s Realm. 

If you’re new to how Prime Gaming works, it’s simple.  

How it Works: 

Prime Gaming comes included as part of any Amazon Prime membership and introduces gamers to great new titles, while also offering new content for the games you already play across all major platforms. Every month, we’ll refresh this blog with details of our latest Amazon Prime Gaming drop – so stay tuned and don’t miss out! 

To claim your content: 

  • Create a Prime Gaming account using your existing Amazon login and details. 
  • https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/deadbydaylight
  • Click the “Claim Now” box.  
  • Launch Dead by Daylight 
  • Select the STORE menu, navigate to the FEATURE tab 
  • On the top right, select REDEEM CODE 
  • Enter your vended code 

Content Drop #5
Available April 11th, 2022 – May 10th, 2022 

It pays to have luck on your side. Get the Pot O’ Gold charm today with Amazon Prime 

  • Pot O’ Gold charm

Content Drop #4
Available March 10th, 2022 – April 10th, 2022 

Bring a serving of style to your next dinner party with Jake’s newest outfit. Get 1 VERY RARE outfit for Jake Park today with Amazon Prime

  • Fancy Family Dinner 

Content Drop #3
Available February 10th, 2022 – March 10th, 2022 

His heart is like a locker -- there’s only room for one. Get 1 VERY RARE outfit for Dwight FairfieldSend: 

  • Love Hurts 

Content Drop #2  
Available January10th, 2022 – Feb ruary 10th, 2022 

Send chills down spines with this VERY RARE Outfit: 

  • Seething Ice

Content Drop #1  
Available December 10th, 2021 – January 10th, 2022 

Stalk the Entity’s Realm in style with a pair of Rare outfits for The Artist.  

  • Outfit 1: Altered Perception 
  • Outfit 2: Deluded Perception 

Continue following this blog for more drops to come.  

See you in The Fog,  

The Dead by Daylight Team  

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